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Soul Seek - Sanmi - Soul Seek (File)

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  1. Soulseek NS 13e - SoulSeek is an ad-free, spyware-free file-sharing application dedicated predominantly to the free trade of electronic music and the promotion of unsigned artists.
  2. Sep 21,  · Soulseek users often have their own, idiosyncratic rules for downloading from them. It's a good idea to always check a user's "User Info" prior to beginning any download. Just right click on the file name (from a search) or user name, then select "Get User Info" from the pop-up menu.
  3. Trying to browse files/get user info is meet with the "can't establish connection, check your ports" message. When I check my ports with the link, I'm told they are closed and my router/soulseek client needs to be configured.
  4. I want to share music on my NAS but Soulseek freezes up. Log in to post comments; saving files doesn't work. Permalink Submitted by dinosaur on Wed, 07/24/ - that doesn't work. I go to share files and there is nothing there. i would need images on what to do because i'm so fed up with people saying what to do and it doesn't work.
  5. Soulseek is also less watched for those that are still in denial you should use a VPN. You'll see plenty of movies on it among other files, the only problem is accountability, if you make this a .
  6. Please keep chatter focused on technical discussion of the Soulseek client and software environment. If you're posting about a problem with the client, please specify whether you're using SoulseekQt or Soulseek NS (no longer supported), the client build number (should appear at the top of the client application window), and what operating system you're on.
  7. SoulSeek is a file sharing software that is specialized in indie and alternative music style. At this moment there are a multiple file sharing software to share files between Internet users, each of these software has a number of features that make it unique and different from others. In the.
  8. SoulSeek Review. Soulseek is a p2p program that was born in order to share music, intending to be a platform to help new artists find a place in the music industry, or at least, to let them be listened to by Soulseek users. Soulseek grew and now it is used for sharing all kind of files, but specifically music.

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