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Kouta Hakusenno - Kotsuru Tade - Kouta Hakusenno / Ageshio (Vinyl)

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  1. Kouta Kazuraba (葛葉 紘汰, Kazuraba Kōta?), also known as Kota Kazuraba in different publications, is one of the main characters and the main protagonist as well as the titular character of the Kamen Rider Series installment, Kamen Rider Gaim. When he accidentally finds the Sengoku Driver and a pair of Lockseeds (Orange and Ichigo), he gains the ability to transform into Armored Rider.
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  3. Akane Asahina (朝比奈 あかね, Asahina Akane) is the bespectacled class representative of Kouta Oyamada's class. Due to her position as class representative she has a high sense of regulations, and therefore disagrees with how ardently Chizuru Minamoto pursues Kouta while at school. She is on good terms with Kouta, and worries about his relationship with Chizuru citing her as a bad.
  4. Kouta (ven. Ко́вда, Kovda) on kylä ja rautatieasema Murmanskin alueen Kantalahden piirin Zelenoborskin kunnassa. Kylä sijaitsee Vienanmeren Kantalahden Koudanlahteen laskevan Koutajoen suussa 32 kilometriä Zelenoborskista maanteitse kaakkoon. Koudan asema sijaitsee Muurmannin radalla kymmenen kilometriä kylästä länteen. Kylässä on 20 ja asemalla 37 asukasta (vuonna ).
  5. Noh and kyōgenplays believed to incorporate folk songs from the Muromachi is represented by Hōkazō, Kagetsu and Tōei, and the plays often include performances within the Kouta of kyōgen are known specifically as kyōgen kouta, characterized by their delicate and beautiful arrhythmic verses and performed in the plays Hanako, Kanaoka and Mizukumi.
  6. The Kohaku Clan (Kohaku Ichizoku) was a shinobi clan that had a village near the border of the Land of Fire to that of Amegakure. This village was one of many villages that was attacked by Furido's 4-Man Team, and all villagers subsequently massacred. The deceased members of this clan were later revived as zombies by their killers and used in Furido's attack on Konohagakure.
  7. Koto (小兎), which literally translates to "Little Rabbit", is a demon girl that has been seen to be acting as the referee/commentator for both the Dark Tournament and the Demon World Tournament. She is later replaced by Juri as referee in both the semi-finals and the finals of the Dark Tournament, switching to mere commentary as she was suspected of miscounting in the match between Jin and.

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