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  1. Nov 15,  · Directed by Steven Paul. With Jon Voight, Armand Assante, Wilford Brimley, Eileen Davidson. Television producer James has an extremely vivid dream, in which he is a Prince struggling to keep the kingdom at peace against the wishes of his warfaring brother, while at the same time competing with his brother for a woman's love. The figures in his dream match those in his real-life, with his /10().
  2. Eternity is the physical incarnation of time, whereas his sister Infinity represents space. Also, if Galactus ever dies or does not exist, the opposite of Eternity, Abraxas, would come into being. Eternity is guarded by Captain Universe. The origin and precise nature of the abstract being known as Eternity are unknown and unknowable.
  3. Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein opens with refreshing green botanicals. The exhilarating top note leads into an aromatic heart of sage and a warm, woodsy cedar base that lingers on the skin. With its pure lines accented by a silver cap, the bottle's design evokes the timeless ideals of romance with commitment/5(K).
  4. Define eternity. eternity synonyms, eternity pronunciation, eternity translation, English dictionary definition of eternity. n. pl. e·ter·ni·ties 1. Time without beginning or end; infinite time. 2. The state or quality of being eternal. 3. a. The timeless state following death.
  5. Eternity, timelessness, or the state of that which is held to have neither beginning nor end. Eternity and the related concept of infinity have long been associated with strong emotional overtones, serving to astonish, weary, or confound those who attempt to grasp them.
  6. Eternity is defined by Boetius (De Consol. Phil., V, vi) as "possession, without succession and perfect, of interminable life" (interminabilis vitae tota simul et perfecta possessio). The definition, which was adopted by the Schoolmen, at least as applying to eternity properly so called, that of God, implies four things: that eternity is.
  7. Eternity definition is - the quality or state of being eternal. How to use eternity in a sentence.
  8. ‘Diamonds, symbols of eternity, are not forever - they will eventually degrade to worthless graphite.’ ‘And it is a symbol of eternity, time immemorial.’ ‘Sticking with the fish, they are often served whole with the head and tail bent towards one another like a circle or symbol of eternity.’.

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